Football Scouting Course Online is dedicated to scouts, football coaches and analysts. It contains a theoretical part, but above all a practical approach to scouting based on specific examples. Thanks to this, it is intended for people starting their adventure with scouting as well as for more experienced
looking for a different perspective on football. 



     My name is Kamil Kogut and just like you, I started my adventure with scouting once. That was 9 years ago.  Since then, I have been working mostly as International Senior Scout. I have watched games live, on almost every level, throughout Europe, including: League games (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Belgium, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, England, Scotland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia), Champions League, Europa League, International, Youth International games.

     The course is primarily for people who want to start their own adventure with scouting, but also for scouts, analysts and football coaches. In my opinion, the scouting approach – which differs from the coaching approach – gives you the opportunity to look at football from a slightly different perspective.

     The biggest advantage of the course, apart from the theoretical aspects, is the large dose of practical knowledge that I have been gathering and applying over the course of my career. In the course,
I also wanted to show elements of scouting based on both analytical and statistical aspects (technical scouting) which is more and more important in modern football. The final activity – Scouting Task (video) is undoubtedly a highlight of the course.

     I created this course because at the beginning of my scouting journey I was looking for materials that would allow me to arrange my knowledge in the most practical manner. Finally, I hope that the Scouting Certificate of completion you receive, will benefit you in your future work.

                                                                                           January 1, 2022